Oct 16, 2015

I’m into piss play and proud of it. And you should be, too!

Guest columnist Rene Lopez gets wet, comes clean and makes us wonder if watersports are really as far from the mainstream as we think.

So yeah, I once I once hooked up with a guy who pissed in my mouth. He told me to swallow as it came gushing down and furthermore, I wasn’t to let a drop drip out of my mouth. I didn’t do it to be submissive but because it gave my sexual partner pleasure. Which of course in turn turned me on. And I took pride in that. And I also took pride that I didn’t spill a single drop coming out of his blasting garden hose!

There are many of you out there who secretly take pleasure in this, both with and without shame. But there’s no need for shame. If you’re one of them, whether you personally choose to disclose is up to you, but the more we guzzlers come out, the more we can have an open and honest conversation about gay sex today.

If you can get past the (somewhat imagined) stigma and want to take a dip in the pool, here are a few tips for splashing, because they didn’t teach us watersports in P.E.:

What is it that makes piss play enjoyable? Is it about power? Is it about danger? Like any sex act, it’s about whatever you want it to be about. And there are so many variations of the kink; sniffing pissed undies, peeing while masturbating, wearing diapers to pee in or wearing head-to-toe dripping-wet piss-soaked clothes for hours or even days. Some simply take pleasure in secretly watching someone take a leak, and of course many also take pleasure in being watched, and some even enjoy being publicly urinated on. And these aren’t extreme examples in the slightest – the newest craze catching on in L.A. is men only into piss drinking after the guy has smoked meth.

While the last example may not be 100 percent doctor-tested, mother-approved, the urine of a healthy, sober person is essentially sterile and basically non-toxic as it is made up of 95 percent water. That’s not to say there are no risks (microorganisms living under foreskin can transmit some viruses or bacteria), but there’s no known case of HIV being transmitted by urine alone.

So there’s your starter kit. I’m into it; maybe you are, too. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can even celebrate with fellow piss drunks from time to time. Like at Wet ‘N’ Hot, a annual three-day-weekend-long party held in Palm Springs. Just make sure everything’s consensual and you’re good to go. Bottoms up, boys!

Photo: urinalmen.tumblr.com

by Rene Lopez

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And who the hell am I? If you’ve been following the blog at all, you may have wondered out of which horny hole this perverted punk has stepped. I won’t reveal too much – a bit of mystery is sexy, right? But a few things may be in order.

First, I was born in that part of the world that most people think is actually Canada, but it’s not. I was born in Alaska. Who would have thought that place could produce more than oil and Sarah Palin – two decidedly unsexy things.

Second, I’m no stranger to sex on screen. I appeared in two arty porn films with DVD releases: one in San Francisco and one here in Berlin. There may be other footage of me out there, but if so, I don’t know where. And yup, I moved to Berlin from gay ol’ San Francisco, where I learned to be a proper fag and how to be a writer all at the same time.

There’s more from San Francisco coming your way via Dandy Dicks, so stay tuned.

But I left San Francisco. And took my heart with me. Five years now in Berlin and I can’t think of a better place to be. I’ve been making it here as a writer ever since and I’m happy to report there’s no going back.

I think I’ve given you enough of the basics. More you’ll just have to find out either through this blog or a little Google. But I hope with that you stick around Dandy Dicks – for this blog and of course, the boys!

Walter Crasshole