Aug 21, 2015

Fashion Friday: Nasty Pig

“Fun clothing that gets you laid” is eloquently stated on their website, sounding similar enough to a bar conversation about where you bought those shorts that make your dick look so big. With a uniquely mainstream kink-culture style unparalleled by other brands, Nasty Pig is slowly becoming a household name – okay, maybe a bathhousehold name, but still. Started by couple of guys who bought $50 worth of fabric to sell one-of-a-kind pieces to friends, the label has now transformed into the company that produces the new-age, rugged gay man’s NYC uniform.

With stretch denim pants possessing “asset-enhancing fit”, vegan leather shorts to show off your non-vegan meat or stylized logo-wear that gives off the DTF vibe a little more demurely, the brand does not hold back when it comes to options. Gone are the days of just briefs, jocks, and thongs. Nasty Pig stands out by delivering quality underwear as well as actual artistry when it comes to fashion. Basically, if Nasty Pig sacrificed any aspect of originality they’d fall into the Andrew Christian, PUMP, and AussieBum crowd – undoubtedly successful, and just as undoubtedly boring.

The flagship store, located on 19th Street in Chelsea, NYC, is constantly booming. With window displays resembling those of a low budget, higher sex-toy-per-square-foot ratio Bloomingdales, they’ve become a pit stop for many visiting the city that never sleeps (with the same guy twice).

Now 21 years in the game, this NYC born-and-bred brand seems to have developed a formula that works for them, and what is it? Do what the fuck you want. What stopped Nasty Pig from becoming bacon is an unapologetically ballsy approach to business. By never compromising their values or pretending to have any they don’t, they’ve figured out how to keep people coming time and time again.

Sources: Nasty Pig, Nasty Pig YouTube

by Kyle Eckert

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And who the hell am I? If you’ve been following the blog at all, you may have wondered out of which horny hole this perverted punk has stepped. I won’t reveal too much – a bit of mystery is sexy, right? But a few things may be in order.

First, I was born in that part of the world that most people think is actually Canada, but it’s not. I was born in Alaska. Who would have thought that place could produce more than oil and Sarah Palin – two decidedly unsexy things.

Second, I’m no stranger to sex on screen. I appeared in two arty porn films with DVD releases: one in San Francisco and one here in Berlin. There may be other footage of me out there, but if so, I don’t know where. And yup, I moved to Berlin from gay ol’ San Francisco, where I learned to be a proper fag and how to be a writer all at the same time.

There’s more from San Francisco coming your way via Dandy Dicks, so stay tuned.

But I left San Francisco. And took my heart with me. Five years now in Berlin and I can’t think of a better place to be. I’ve been making it here as a writer ever since and I’m happy to report there’s no going back.

I think I’ve given you enough of the basics. More you’ll just have to find out either through this blog or a little Google. But I hope with that you stick around Dandy Dicks – for this blog and of course, the boys!

Walter Crasshole