Jan 22, 2016

5 Hottest Guys on Instagram to Follow Right Now

While Instagram is a great place to see what kinds of selfies all your best friends are taking, and to distract yourself from work with cute dogs and cats, it remains one of the best places to peep on some of the world’s prettiest people. And the great thing about pretty people is that they usually aren’t too afraid to strut their stuff for the great big world of the World Wide Web to see. So to spice up your daily photo scroll, here are Dandy Dick’s picks for the hottest hunks on Instagram right now. Follow now and thank us later.

1. Paolo Fanoli, @paolofanoli

Paolo Fanoli, despite his young age, is more than deserving of the title ‘Italian Stallion.’ Originally from Rome, he currently lives and works as a student of fashion design in New York. As one could imagine, this leads to an Instagram of some pretty fabulous glimpses into the kind of fashion, art, and nightlife that only New York can offer. But all those pale to the glimpses of Paolo, mustachioed and ripped beyond belief. But each fantastic shot of his smokin’ bod is composed with an artistic sensibility, making for an account that is pleasurable to the eye in every sense of the word.

2. Rooney, @heyrooney

Rooney describes himself in his bio as a “professional vixen,” and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more fitting phrase. An illustrator based out of Los Angeles, this Instagram is a mixture of his original art and cute, often witty, shots of the man himself. Both his art and his self-portraits are themed around the color pink, which makes for some pastel-perfect photos of one particularly talented twink. As attractive as he is, what really makes Rooney’s Instagram shine is his sparkling personality, one that is evident in every photo, from his pink hair down to his occasionally pink fingernails.

3. Alfredo Solivan, @alfredosolivan

Oh to be a dancer, when one is always in fantastic physical shape and surrounded by people just as attractive as you. And no better look into the professional dancer lifestyle can be found than in the Instagram of Alfredo Solivan. When it’s not exceedingly well taken selfies, it’s shots of his barely clothed silhouette in bed, or of his barely clothed body hanging out on a New York balcony. The ratio of shirtless pictures to clothed pictures is actually kind of ridiculous, but in a good way. Some faces are bound for Broadway, and Alfredo’s is sure one of them.

4. Matthew Risch, @matthewrisch_

For those that yearn for the bronzed, mustache men of 1970s vintage porn, Matthew Risch has come to answer your prayers. A successful Broadway star based in New York, Risch is a dead ringer for Burt Reynolds in his hey-day, and one of his pics even restages Reynolds’ iconic nude pose for Playgirl. And while you might expect a professional actor to have too much ego, Risch’s Instagram feed is both hot and humble, showcasing his fantastic beefy bod and his fantastic life in a way that seems fun and genuine. And a big shout out to the stud’s facial hair, a feature that is in constant evolution each week.

5. William Rootpeter, @williamrootpeter

Instagram is chock full of models, both professional and imagined, but few seem as friendly and good-natured as William Rootpeter, who happens to be the professional kind. An international alternating between Paris, Berlin, London, and New York, his photo series is as exotic as it is attractive. When he’s not adventuring around world capitals, he’s showing off his latest pairs of complimentary underwear, many of which seem destined to by flagged by Instagram’s nudity policy. He’s about as flirtatious as they come, which makes for one hell of a tantalizing account.

by Jake Boyer

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And who the hell am I? If you’ve been following the blog at all, you may have wondered out of which horny hole this perverted punk has stepped. I won’t reveal too much – a bit of mystery is sexy, right? But a few things may be in order.

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